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About The Site

My interest in Warrior Cats Began when I started reading the Warrior Cats books in January 2011. At the time I spend most of my time on a pokemon chat, and several friends there started roleplaying Warriors. I had always loved cats so was curious and I picked up the first book out of interest.

I had only intended to read the first book so I count get the gist of the story so I could join in the roleplay. Concidering I had never liked reading before hand, outside of school (ah how I hated those boring books we had to read) the only books I ever read were a few Doctor Who books. Literally, I never read.

However to my surprise I quickly got addicted and ended up reading through the whole series in quick succession. Within what must have been a month or two I had caught up which was to Sign of the Moon a the time. With a fairly sizeable chunk in my wallet (hey these books are not cheap when bought almost all at once!) and a loss at what to do until the next book arrived I decided to make a website. I had already made a Pokemon website and though a Warriors site would be a great idea.

And so Silverpelt came to be on the 7th of April 2011. I scoured the wiki, and stalked Vicky and the other Erin's on facebook and anywhere else they posted, wanting only confirmed information, and with which the site began to take shape.

I made the website to share my enjoyment of the series with fellow fans and to hopefully create new ones too! I also chose to make it as a sort of reference for myself, so that I could refer back to it whenever I wanted to remember certain details I had forgotten.

Since I created the site, I have been slowly (yes sometimes slower than others <.<) updating it with information and other bits and pieces. It is now over amazingly over 5 years old and still moving along steadily.

The website was originally created with the free domain www.silverpelt.co.cc, however in late 2012, co.cc closed down their site suddenly leaving all those using their domains at a loss.

After a few months of being inactive, in March 2013 I decided to start work on the site again and bring the site back under a new purchased domain, www.silverpelt.co.uk.

I updated it here and there but again became a bit inactive. However after some time I though a new chat would be a nice idea, and so I added one.

And so the site has become a hive of roleplaying activity, and I thank all my visitors from the bottom of my heart for your active RP and keeping my little project here alive.

Silverpelt was an idea I did for fun, but has since because of all of you has grown its own heart and soul. thank you <3.
Spoiler Warning
This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

Roleplay Chat
Chat Staff:

Admins: WhiteTiger
Mods: To be confirmed
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Want to roleplay another Clan or something else entirely? Try the:

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General Chat
Chat Staff:

Admins: WhiteTiger
Mods: To be confirmed
On mobile and can't see the chat?

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Chat Rules
There are no strict rules for the chats, simply put all I ask is for no spam or drama.

This includes flooding the chat with text, inappropriate subjects (keep the chat PG) or constantly interrupting RP.

If people are roleplaying please take any unrelated conversation or discussions to the general chat rather than the roleplay.

If a member constantly spams, interrupts or offends other users on a regular basis, an admin may ban them if at least 2 staff members agree.

You can contact WhiteTiger on the Contact page if you have any issues.

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