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The Authors

Warrior Cats is a series that can fool you into believing there is only one author. Each book is titled under the author name 'Erin Hunter'. However there are actually several people behind the books. The main author was Victoria Holmes, who was originally asked to write a one off story about cats (Warrior Cats was not originally intended to be a series). However the idea was expanded and it was soon decided to be made into a series, however more authors were needed, so Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry were soon recruited for the project, and later Tui T. Sutherland also joined the team (however she mainly works on their second project Seeker Bears). Vicky then took the role as head writer. As head writer she creates all the plots for the stories, and writes a rough baseline story (which can be up to half the size of the final book) for each story which is then given to one of the other 'Erin's' who write it into a final story with their own personal touch, while always maintaining the 'Erin' style of writing. Dan Jolley writes the Warrior Cats manga, but is not really classed as an official 'Erin' (as it is mostly associated with the main series), although the manga follows Vicky's plots and uses the 'Erin Hunter' name.

Having multiple authors posed a problem however, if each book was put under the name of the specific author who wrote it, the books would be scattered around in any bookstores that sorted by author. This is why they needed to create 'Erin Hunter', a pseudonym (pen name) created to represent all of the authors. The name 'Erin Hunter' was chosen for two reasons, the name 'Hunter' matched the hunting cat theme of the books and so that the books would be shelved in bookstores and libraries near Brian Jacques, an author they were fond of who was famous for his animal series 'Redwall'.

The pen name 'Erin Hunter' is also used for the 'Seekers' series, a story that follows the life of wild bears in a similar way to the wild cats in Warrior Cats, as well as the 'Survivors' series by Gillian Philip which follows dogs.

This page lists all the authors who work on the Warrior Cats series. For information on the other 'Erins' Gillian Philip and Inbali Iserles who work independently on the 'Survivors' series, see the Survivors Page.

The 'Erins'
The Manga Author

The 'Erins'

These are the main four authors who work on the Warrior Cats series.

Victoria Holmes

Victoria Holmes was born in England and was brought up on a farm in the English countryside. She attended the University of Oxford.

Warrior Cats was one of Victoria Holmes first writing projects and has become by far her most successful, becoming the children's top seller in the United States many times.

Victoria Holmes was the main writer of the series and created the plots for all the books. She writes a rough idea of each story (which can turn out to be anything up to half the size of the actual book), which she then hands over to one of the other 'Erin's' who with their own touch, while maintaining the 'Erin' style write out the final story.

Vicky's Last Books

Vicky first pulled back from Warriors and have up her role as head writer after the Omen of the Stars series (The main Editor of the books is now believed to be Erica Sussman, who is the executive editor at HarperCollin children's books). Vicky continued to write eBooks for several years, despite not being involved in the main series any longer.

Since then sadly Vicky has announced that she has written her last book, which was 'Pinestar's Choice' of the Legends of the Clans eBook.

She announced this on the 24th of April 2017 with the following post on her facebook page:

You are all amazing. You are all, in your own way, superfans. I have got to know so many personalities through this page - even if you might think I haven't noticed you. Warriors has been the greatest blessing, the greatest privilege, the sharpest learning curve of my life. But nothing lasts forever. I won't be writing for the series again. I will keep this page so that I can update you with movie news (oh please let there be some news soon!). And maybe I'll pop in to share my new projects with you. But the latest series continues to top the bestselling charts, which proves what a fabulous job the new editorial team is doing (with the ongoing brilliance of Kate and Cherith, of course).

This is truly sad for myself and the warriors community. I have high respect for Vicky as a person and an author and seeing her announce this honestly made me sad. but nothing lasts forever as she says and I wish her luck in her future writings and whatever else she doe's.

thank you for everything Vicky.

Warrior Cats books written entirely (all the other books follow the plots she creates) by Victoria Holmes:

Cats of the Clans
Code of the Clans
Battles of the Clans
Hollyleaf's Story
Mistystar's Omen
Cloudstar's Journey
Tigerstar's Fury
Leafpool's Wish
Dovewing's Silence
Mapleshade's Vengeance
Goosefeather's Curse
Ravenpaw's Farewell
The Untold Stories
Tales of the Clans
Shadows of the Clans
Legends of the Clans
The Ultimate Guide

Other Notable Works:

The Seekers Series
Rider in the Dark
The Horse from the Sea
Heart of Fire

Kate Cary

Kate Cary was born and brought up in England, she attended London University, after which she moved to Scotland and started her writing career.

Warrior Cats has been Kate Cary's biggest writing project, she has worked alongside Victoria Holmes since the series started in 2003.

Warrior Cats books written by Kate Cary:

Into the Wild
Fire and Ice
Rising Storm
The Sight
Dark River
Fading Echoes
Night Whispers
The Last Hope
The First Battle
A Forest Divided
Path of Stars
Bluestar's Prophecy
Crookedstar's Promise
Tallstar's Revenge
Moth Flight's Vision

Other Notable Works:

The Seekers Series
The Magic Jewellery Series
The Bloodline Series

Cherith Baldry

Cherith Baldry was born in England. She worked with house cats on the farm she was brought up on. She took up teaching for a short period before quitting to become a full time writer.

Warrior Cats is probably the most successful series Cherith Baldry has worked on, however she has worked on several projects other than Warrior Cats.

Warrior Cats books written by Cherith Baldry:

Forest of Secrets
A Dangerous Path
The Darkest Hour
Long Shadows
The Fourth Apprentice
Sign of the Moon
The Forgotten Warrior
The Sun Trail
Thunder Rising
The Blazing Star
The Apprentice's Quest
Shattered Sky
Firestar's Quest
SkyClan's Destiny
Yellowfang's Secret
Bramblestar's Storm
Hawkwing's Journey

Other Notable Works:


A Rush of Golden Wings
Drew's Talents
Mutiny in Space
Exiled from Camelot
The Reliquary Ring
The Roses of Roazon


The Seekers Series
The Saga of the Six Worlds Series
The Eaglesmount Series
The Abbey Series

Tui T. Sutherland

Tui T. Sutherland is the only 'Erin' not to have come from England. She was in fact born in Caracas, Venezuela.

Warrior Cats is one of the most successful series Tui T. Sutherland has worked on, however she has worked on many other series as well, and also works under two other pen names Tamara Summers, and Heather Williams.

Warrior Cats books written by Tui T. Sutherland:

Secrets of the Clans

Other Notable Works:


This Must Be Love!

Books under the name Tamara Summers

Save the Date
He's With Me
Never Bite a Boy on the First Date

Books under the name Heather Williams

Nellie Oleson Meets Laura Ingalls

Children's Books

Stories of the Stars with Sticker
Funny Bunnies
Hide and Go Peep!
Meet Mo and Ella
Fun with Mo and Ella
Who Was Harry Houdini?
Various Pirates Of The Caribbean Books


The Seekers Series
The Avatars Series
The Pet Trouble Series
The Dragonet Prophecy Series

The Manga Author

The Warrior Cats English Manga is a completely different style to all of the other books and therefore has its own author who is not considered an actual 'Erin', although the books do follow Vicky's plots and use the 'Erin Hunter' pen name.

Dan Jolley

Dan Jolley is an American author and comic artist who comes from Georgia.

Warrior Cats is one of the most successful series Dan Jolley has worked on, however he has also worked on many other books and series (which mainly consists of comic books).

Warrior Cats books written by Dan Jolley:

The Lost Warrior
Warrior's Refuge
Warrior's Return
The Rise of Scrouge
Into the Woods
Escape from the Forest
Return to the Clans
Shattered Peace
A Clan in Need
The Heart of a Warrior
The Rescue
Beyond the Code
After The Flood
Several short mangas printed in Super Editions.

Other Notable Works:


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The Junior Novel
Iron Man - Teen Novelization

Comics (Series and One Offs)

Universal Monsters: The Mummy
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Doctor Strange: The Flight Of Bones
Iazarus 5
Superman Adventures
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive
JSA: The Liberty Files
G.I.Joe Front Line: Icebound
Worship Service
Vampirella: The Choir In The Mist
Firestorm The Nuclear Man
G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers II
Hell, Michigan
Angel: Choice Cuts


The Seekers Manga Series
The World Of Warcraft Manga Series

Children's Books

The Twisted Journeys Series
The Graphic Myths And Legends Series


The Alex Unlimited Series

Spoiler Warning
This site may contain spoilers on the Warrior Cats series. I have tried to keep major information under the 'Inside The Story' menu. Please keep this in mind if you have not read all of the books.

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