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Cat Themed Books

If you are a fan of Warrior Cats, then its likely you like cats and felines in general.

So here you can find a list of cat / feline themed books I have enjoyed (there is likely many more out there, but this list only contains book I have read) and hopefully you will enjoy as well.

Ratha and the Named

Ratha and The Named is a young adult series about prehistoric cats by the American author Clare Bell. See The Named page for more information on this series.

Tomorrow's Sphinx

Tomorrow's Sphinx is a young adult novel by the American author Clare Bell and was published in 1986.

Plot Summary

The story begins following three cheetah sisters, Kenket, Nesseken and Beshon who have formed together to hunt because of the scarce prey. Kenket is a mother of a young cub and is desperate to catch enough prey for herself and her cub, however during a hunting trip Kenket is injured and as is the cheetah way when one becomes too injured to hunt, must be left to die alone. However Kenket is reluctant to let her cub die for her mistake and going against all cheetah principles begs her sisters to take care of her cub, which they reluctantly agree to.
The story then follows the main character, Kenket's cub, as she slowly grows with her new 'mothers'. However the cheetahs soon realise she is no ordinary cheetah, as she grows her pelt changes from the normal orange and black spotted pelt to completely black (with golden tear marks on her face). This is a tragic fate for the young cub as not only does it make her stand out among her own kind, it makes stalking prey much harder. However they try their best to live with her 'handicap', by trying to teach he to ambush rather than stalk and chase. The cub even gives herself a name, Kichebo, after a cat fish she believes looks like her. However they then discover the presence of two legged creatures who seem to have an interest in Kichebo. After escaping the strange creatures Kichebo is forced to keep hidden or risk capture, so her already hard life becomes harder, which not only causes her to suffer but also her 'mothers' Nesseken and Beshon who struggle to hunt for themselves let alone poor Kichebo. Beshon tells Nesseken that she had kept the cub too long and should leave her to survive on her own, however Nesseken is unsure. But Nesseken then goes into heat and sets off to find a mate. Kichebo does not understand why her 'mother' left, so follows her and finds her during the 'courting circle'. Not understanding what is happening Kichebo thinks the male cheetahs are taking her mother away and attack them and Nesseken is forced to drive her away.

The story then continues as Kichebo sets off on her own to find her place and purpose in life. She makes a territory at some old ruins she oddly feels connected to. Here she discovers a strange monkey like creature who she saves from a fire and quickly becomes companions with, naming her Menk. Her and Menk live together fairly contently for a while, also meeting a old cheetah with a gray like pelt called Gray Cape who understands a bit of what Kichebo feels about being different, who through perhaps no more reason than her own curiosity joins the odd group. Perhaps they could have lived happily together without knowing the truth of Kichebo's 'destiny', but soon Kichebo is drawn into the ruins and through mind and spirit is contacted by one like herself, a black male cheetah from the far past called Asu-Kheknemt the loyal companion of the ancient Egyptian king Tutanhamen. Through these mysterious connections of the mind through time Asu-Kheknemt begins to show Kichebo about himself and in turn teaches Kichebo much about herself.

The story continues as Kichebo lives with Gray Cape and Menk and slowly learns from her 'brother-in-time' through their strange connection. But what is Kichebo's destiny? Where does she belong? Why is she how she is? Why do the two legged creatures hunt her? The story concludes as the truth is slowly revealed.

Tailchaser's Song

Tailchaser's Song is a young adult novel by the American author Tad Williams and was published in 1985.

Plot Summary

The story follows a young male cat called Fritti Tailchaser (Fritti is his heart name and is only used by family and those close to him while Tailchaser is his face name used by everyone else). The story begins with him as a young cat living with the Meeting Wall Clan (although they meet occasionally they mostly live as individuals), where he lives an average life while he waits for the time he can become a true hunter. He meets a young fela (female cat) called Hushpad and they grow up together and become very close, however their peaceful life does not last long. The story picks up when many cats begin to go missing from the area, including Hushpad. The Meeting Wall Clan have a meeting to decide what to do about the strange disappearances and end up deciding to send an escort to the Queen of cats to ask for help. Tailchaser feels that no one really cares about poor Hushpad and decides to set out to find her himself, when one of the elders who had anticipated his leaving and gives him his hunters mark early and wishes him a safe journey. The story then goes on to tell of Tailchaser's adventures as he travels to find Hushpad alongside a young Pouncequick who respects Tailchaser and follows him without permission. They meet many friends along the way including a crazy cat called Earbugs, Quiverclaw and the Firstwalkers, Prince Fencewalker of Firsthome and the Court and a fela called Roofshadow. As Tailchaser travels with his companion(s) he learns that the truth behind the disappearances has a much darker truth than he may have ever anticipated, and realizes those folk tales he was told many times may have more truth than he thought. He soon realizes there is much more at stake than anyone could have imagined as he learns the truth about what is happening and wonders if the evil can be stopped and will he ever find Hushpad?

Tailchaser's Song follows the cat's perspective very strongly and tells of their own ways and beliefs in a way that is different than other cat stories which merely write as if the cats were speaking English. They have two main forms of language which they refer to as 'singing', the Common Singing which is mainly made up of scents and gestures and is the language all creatures can communicate with and the Higher Singing which is a more advanced language which is mainly verbal. The Higher Singing has many words that are unique to its vocabulary as well as its own pronunciation which is different to English, and therefore the book also has a glossary explaining these. As well as a unique language they have a unique name structure which consists of three names, the heart name (like a first name) which is only used by family or those who are close to you, the face name (like a second name) which is used by everyone else, and the tail name, a secret name that has to be discovered, although many live their lives without ever knowing it. They believe in the Meerclar Allmother (best represented as god), the first two cats Harar Goldeneye and Fela Skydancer (best represented as Adam and Eve) and their first three children known as the 'Firstborn', Viror Whitewind, Grizraz Hearteater and Tangaloor Firefoot. The cats refer to themselves as 'The Folk' and are made up of many 'Clans' throughout the land. They believe that cats are the dominant species in the world, and believe man (who they refer to as M'an) to be a deformed descendent of cats after one of their folklores where a punishment from one of the Firstborn, Firefoot on Prince Ninebirds who tried to become King after Firefoot had forbidden there ever to be a 'King of Cats', where his body was stretched and changed into the first of man kind, after which he was sentenced to care for cat kind forever (this being how the cats see house cats, as it being the human's punishment to care for them).

Varjak Paw

Varjak Paw and The Outlaw Varjak Paw are children's novels written by the British author S. F. Said. The original story Varjak Paw was published in 2003, and the sequel The Outlaw Varjak Paw was published in 2005. The books are unique for the 'Gothic' like illustrations drawn by Dave McKean. Varjak Paw also received the 'Smarties Gold Award' in the 6-8 years category in 2003, while The Outlaw Varjak Paw received the Blue Peter book of year award in 2007.

Plot Summary

Varjak Paw

The story follows a young cat called Varjak Paw, who lives with his proud family of Mesopotamian Blues (A high pedigree of cat unique to the novel, however it resembles that of Russian Blue cats). The family live with someone only known as 'The Contessa', however the family have not seen much of her, and it is believed she is ill. Varjak Paw is not like his kin, his eyes are amber rather than the normal green of a Mesopotamian Blue, and he wishes to go outside in the garden, while his proud family prefer to stay inside where it is clean. He is constantly taunted for this, his brothers often saying The Contessa stays away because they do not want to see his weird eyes. Varjak Paw loves to hear story's from his grandfather, The Elder Paw, about their great ancestor Jalal. The stories tell of Jalal's great adventures outside, before he finally met The Contessa and started the family long ago. Varjak Paw wished for a life like Jalal, but knew he would always be stuck in the boring house. The story picks up when one day, The Contessa is carried away by some strange people. Varjak Paw is the only one to see, and when he tells his family, they joke saying it was another of his 'tales'. However The Elder Paw believes him and tells the family she is probably dead. He also tells that the strange man and his two black cats who appeared the same day, had come once before to take the cats away, but The Contessa refused. The family refused to listen, saying The Elder Paw was getting confused in his age and that Varjak Paw was just telling tales. The Elder Paw is challenged by his son and is defeated, therefore passing the leadership of the house to his son. Varjak Paw ends up going into the garden where he meets The Elder Paw again, he tells that the family are being foolish and offers to tell Varjak Paw about 'the way of Jalal'. The Elder Paw says there are seven skills in the way of Jalal, but he only knew of three, Slow-Time, Moving Circles and Shadow-Walking. He goes on to tell Varjak Paw that Jalal could speak with dogs and that Varjak Paw needed to go and find a dog to scare the man away. The man appears shortly after with his two black cats. The Elder Paw fights the two cats allowing Varjak Paw enough time to escape over the wall, however The Elder Paw is killed by the two cats. The story then begins as Varjak Paw starts his adventure of the outside world for the first time. He begins to meet Jalal in his dreams, who starts to teach him the way of Jalal. The story goes on as he searches for a dog, learns the way of Jalal, meets new friends, discovers the secrets of the outside world, and learns the dark truth of the mysterious man so he can save his family.

The Outlaw Varjak Paw

The story follows directly after the original. Varjak Paw, who now knows all the skills of 'the way of Jalal' continues life with his three friends Holly, Tam and Cludge. However the fearsome Sally Bones is starting to take over all of the territory, including the central area which had always been considered neutral ground, making it very hard for cats outside of her gang to survive. Sally Bones is the most fearsome cat of all, she is the only other cat who knows the skills of the way of Jalal, and she is more skilled with them than Varjak Paw. The story follows as Varjak Paw and his friends struggle to survive under constant fear of Sally Bones, which inevitable leads to Varjak Paws and Sally Bones clashing on several occasions. Sally Bones wants Varjak paw dead, while he fights for the survival of himself, his friends and the free cats. Varjak Paw is the only one who can face Sally Bones and the story continues as Varjak Paw with the help his now larger group of friends and allies at his back try and find a way to defeat Sally Bones and build up to the unavoidable final face off between Varjak Paw and Sally Bones.

The Tygrine Cat

The Tygrine Cat and The Tygrine Cat On The Run are children's novel written by the British author Inbali Iserles (She was originally born in Israel, but moved to England with her family when she was three years old). The original book The Tygrine Cat was published in 2007, while the sequel The Tygrine Cat On The Run was published in 2011. The Tygrine Cat was awarded the Calderdale Children’s Book of the year award in 2008. Both books were also listed in 'The 50 books every child should read' by The Independent newspaper.

Plot Summary

The Tygrine Cat

The story follows a young catling (a young cat, between a kitten and a adult cat) called Mati. The book begins as Mati is separated from his Amma (mother), she puts him on a boat and tells him he must leave on a ship, but she does not tell him that it is because he is in grave danger. His mother is a mysterious cat and reveals herself as the Queen of the Abyssinia Tygrine, however at first what this means is a mystery. His mother then casts a spell, which makes Mati lose his memory of his time with his her, only leaving small details such as her final messages to him, "Where the ship draws to land, there you must leave it." and "I will never be far from you. Look at the setting sun and you will find me,". The boat leaves the dock and Mati is alone on the boat except for the hinds (humans). He is lost and confused, with only his mothers last words to guide him, the boat soon reaches England, where it docks and he leaves the ship. Still unsure where to go, he travels away from the dock and eventually comes to a market place. While he attempts to find some scraps left by the hinds to fill his empty belly, he runs into three local cats called Domino, Binjax and Ria. Binjax and Ria do not trust him and tell him to leave, but Domino is kind and stands up for him. He takes him to a old cat called Sparrow, who they hope will stand up for him as an adult and get him accepted into the local community of cats, known as the Cressida Cats. Mati is accepted, although most of the cats are suspicious of him. The story then goes on as Mati makes new friends in Domino, Sparrow and lost 'owner' (a house cat - a cat that owns a human/hind) called Jess. He slowly regains his memory, he remembers that there are three pillars in a kittens training that his mother once taught him, which could be essential to his survival if only he can remember them all. Mati gets into his fair share of trouble, he begins to discover what is truly happening at Cressida Lock, where he came from, why his mother left him and who he really is. He learns that there is a lot more at stake than he first thought and the story continues as he struggles to learn the truth and save himself and his friends from the coming threat.

The Tygrine Cat On The Run

The story follows directly after the original. Mati who is now known as The Lord Tygrine Cat, continues his life at Cressida Lock. He refused to lead the Cressida Cats, insisting he wants to remain a normal cat, although many of the cats, except his good friends Domino and Sparrow are unsure how to treat him. However the peaceful life of Cressida Lock does not last long. Mati senses danger, and convinces Pangar, the leader of the Cressida Cats to leave the lock. Mati is unsure of what he fears, but he knows it is not safe there anymore. Shortly after he tells Pangar of his fears, Sparrow has a close call with some poisoned food left by hinds, but he survives. Assuming the poison is related to what Mati fears, they decide to leave as soon as possible. However the Cressida Cats are skeptical about leaving and Banjax, a cat who has never really got along with Mati, convinces most of them to stay. Pangar is disappointed but does not force anyone to leave, and he, Mati and the others who chose to leave leave the lock. Banjax soon learns that he was wrong to ignore Mati's warning and the remaining cats scatter when the evil that Mati warned of appears at the lock. The story continues as Mati and the few Cressida Cats who chose to leave look for a new home. After days of travel and several dangers, the cats find a barn. After making friends with the local cat Daisy, they make a new home in the barn. However Mati's journey is not over, the evil he fears is still out there and he knows he must leave the Cressida Cats. Pangar realizes this and refuses to let him leave alone, and Mati, Domino, Pangar and his old friend Jess who found them after her old hind died, travel off alone on an unknown journey. The story continues as Mati slowly learns exactly what the danger he fears so much is. They meet tragedy and uncertainty on their way, and the story concludes, as Mati realizes he must follow his destiny as The Tygrine Cat and finish what was started.


Lionboy, Lionboy: The Chase and Lionboy: The Truth is a trilogy of children's / young adult books written by Izou Corder (a pen-name shared by the English author Louisa Young and her daughter Isabel Adomakoh Young). The first book Lionboy was released in 2004, the sequel Lionboy: The Chase in 2004 and the final book Lionboy: The Truth in 2006. Although it is a three book series, the story itself continues directly between them. Unlike other book series where each book has its own storyline, the story of Lionboy is directly continued from book to book and is more like a three book story, rather than a series. Therefore it is hard to read any of the books without reading the other two.

Plot Summary

The story follows a young boy called Charlie who has the unique ability to talk to any cat / feline. He received this ability while in Africa with his father, when there was an incident with a leopard where he was injected with its blood and this mysteriously gave him the ability to pick up its language. Charlie's parents are both scientists, although Charlie does not know exactly what they research. The story follows Charlie as he lives his normal life like any young boy, but this does not last long, as he soon returns home to find it empty. He discovers his parents are missing and is very suspicious, as it very unlike them to leave without any sign. He soon discovers the truth, as like his parents were, he is kidnapped for unknown reasons. Charlie is kidnapped by a boy from his neighbourhood called Rafi, who luckily isn't the smartest kid, and Charlie manages to outsmart him and escape. However he is in a dilemma. He has no where to go, his parents are missing and Rafi won't be far behind. Charlie decides to try and find and save his parents and discover the truth of what was happening. With his useful ability of being able to speak to cats he soon learns in which direction his parents were taken and sets off. The story continues as he adventures after his parents, he joins the circus, meets a king, and ends up in many other bizarre and dangerous situations. He meets many friends, a cat called Sergei, a family of lions he helps escape from the circus to return them to Africa, even a chameleon which can speak any language called Ninu, as well as many others. He learns it isn't just Rafi that wants to capture him, but a huge corporation, not to mention the angry lion tamer called Maccomo that he angered after stealing his lions. Charlie travels far and experiences much as he does his best to escape his pursuers, save his parents, bring the lions home, and perhaps most importantly discover the truth of the mysterious 'Allergen' cats who make anyone who goes near them have an asthma attack, and their connection to his parents and why they were taken.


Blitzcat is a children's novel by the British author Robert Westall and was published in 1989. The book also received the 'Smarties Book Award' in the 9-11 category in 1989, as well as being in the 'American Library Association 100 Best Books for Young Adults of the Last 25 years' in 1994.

Plot Summary

The book follows a black cat called Lord Gort. She is named after Lord John Gort, who is her owner's commander-in-chief in the Royal Air Force. She is given the name as she is mistaken for a tom at first and even after being revealed as a she, she keeps the unusual name Lord Gort, to many peoples amusement. As the title suggests, the story takes place during World War Two, during The Blitz over London. Lord Gort and her family move from Dover to Beaminister as her owner Geoff Wensley is transferred there, however he spends most of his time flying missions in France. Lord Gort knowing her owner (who she refers to as 'her person') is far away feels unhappy with her new living situation and decides to find him. The story continues as Lord Gort travels great distances searching for 'her person' with the use of psi-trailing (a phenomenon of animals who find their owners who they have been separated from even over thousands of miles). She meets many people on her journeys and has many different experiences. She is loved, and sometimes hated, she is seen as lucky and sometimes even a god by those who are so desperate for some hope in such a horrible situation that they are willing to believe in anything. She touches many people on her journey, and saves many of them, often by just giving them some hope and spirit when they need it most and sometimes even saving them physically as well. The story simply follows her journey from start to end as she travels through the country following 'her person', as we learn about the people she meets and their stories. She may not realize it but she does far more than simply follow 'her person' and to many people throughout the war who would have lost hope, the name 'Lord Gort' would not remind them of the famous commander of the RAF but of the black cat who saved them when all seemed lost.

The Cats of Seroster

The Cats of Seroster is a children's novel by the British author Robert Westall and was published in 1984.

Plot Summary

The Miw are cats, but not ordinary cats (which are known as the brethren in the book). Miw are both bigger and stronger than the brethren, and also possess a mysterious form of psychic power, which varies from what they call 'sendings', where they supposedly communicate with images through the mind, to even controlling the weather. It is also said that 'All Miw are golden. Even the black Miw, the Matogots whose constant light against the dark powers has stained them black from ear to ear, were gold beneath their black guard-hairs.'

The book follows several characters, it begins with the Duke of a city in France and his young son eating dinner. The meal however is interrupted as an assassination attempt is made on the Duke and his son, the Duke is killed, however with the help of Sehtek the royal Miw, the boy manages to defend himself killing the assassin in the process and escapes with Sehtek. Sehtek then takes the young boy to the mausoleum where the royal Miw meet. They decide to take care of the young boy until a time when he can return to his rightful place as the future Duke.

After the assassination of the Duke the story moves on to our main character Sam, a young travelling man who fixes things for a living. Sam soon comes across a strange man, with a strange knife, fascinated he against his best judgement talks to the man. The man lets him try out his knife which mysteriously can hit any target without fail if the users heart is true to it. Before Sam can do anything he is pulled into a world of mystery he never wanted to be a part of, the old man gives him the knife and a mysterious letter merely entitled 'To the Seroster', which otherwise at first appears blank and is asked to deliver it. Cam soon starts to feel uneasy about the knife and tries to return the knife and letter to the man. He finds the man, only to see him die in front of his eyes and his body turn to dust. Sam then is chased out of the town by the townsfolk who seem to know more about the knife and the letter than Sam does, but he has no choice but to leave. The story then continues as Sam reluctantly travels onwards. He meets some of the mysterious Miw such as Amon a royal Miw who was sent to tell 'horse' of the Duke's death. The story continues as Sam continues on his journey. The story concludes as the questions are slowly answered; What is Sam's destiny? What is the knife and the Seroster? Who are the Miw? What will happen to the city which was thrown into panic by Little Paul and his usurpers? Will the young Duke ever return to his rightful place?


Felidae originally began as a German book written by Akif Pirinηci published in 1989. The book was later translated into English by Ralph Noble and was published in 1993. The book has a total of six sequels, Felidae II (also known as Felidae on the Road in English or Francis in the original German version), Cave Canem, Das Duell, Salve Roma, Schandtat and Felipolis. However only the first two books Felidae and Felidae II were translated to English.

However Felidae is probably more well known for its German animated movie adaptation directed by Michael Schaack. It was originally released in 1994 and it was also released with an English dub. Felidae is the most expensive animated film produced in Germany to date, reportedly costing 10 million marks.

Felidae stands out for its strong and graphic story and also touches upon ethical issues such as the relationship between mankind and animals.

WARNING: Both the book and movie of Felidae is very adult themed, despite the misleading Disney like style and the apparent original rating of 12a for the film when it was release in Germany. Both the books and movie are very violent and contain adult themes.


Felidae has a surprising story, and is very different to what you would expect from simply seeing the cover of the book or movie. If I were to ever use the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' this would be a perfect example.

Felidae is in fact a murder mystery type story, but with cats.

The story begins with a cat called Francis who moves to a new neighbourhood with his owner. Being a cat who is used to moving about with his owner, he felt confident with getting use to what he expected to be a generic neighbourhood. However Francis is very mistaken as soon after arriving he comes across a dead body of a local cat. This is the start a big mystery that Francis soon gets himself stuck into. Francis meets many local cats, both friends and some foes. With his friend or perhaps sidekick Bluebeard, Francis soon takes on the role of detective and starts investigating the death, which he believes was murder. Many cats blame the humans, but Francis thinks differently. The story continues as Francis starts to uncover the dark secrets of the neighbourhood as he learns that it was not just one murder but many. He slowly uncovers the facts bit by bit and learns truly how big of a case he has gotten himself into.

Felidae is a very dark and adult story and is not for the light hearted.

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